Merging Realities: Exploring Meaningful Placement of AR Content

Merging Realities

Exploring Meaningful Placement of AR Content

A DIS2016 Workshop, to be held in Brisbane, Australia. June 5th, 2016.

Tom Djajadiningrat – Philips Design Eindhoven
Patray Lui – Philips Design Eindhoven

Many people talk about augmented reality (AR), but few have experienced it first hand, let alone designed for it. That is a shame, because arguably there are no other technologies that make one experience embodiment and situatedness so directly. We strongly believe that first hand experience is the only way to understand the opportunities and limitations of AR.

In this one day, hands-on workshop, we help you explore the possibilities of smartphone-based augmented augmented reality. During the morning session, you will learn to set-up a basic AR project, to work with AR markers and to augment them with virtual content. In the afternoon, you are encouraged to team up and design for the interaction possibilities of AR in a scenario of your choosing.

We will put special emphasis on co-location: the notion that virtual objects can be accurately positioned within the real world. This fusion of the virtual and the real has vast consequences related to embodiment. Most notably:

  • AR content is situated: it can ‘live’ where it makes sense within the user’s real-world environment.
  • AR content can build on users’ familiarity with natural, physical behaviour, as well as create a sense of magic by challenging that familiarity.
  • AR content can dynamically steer the user’s actions through guidance overlaid on physical objects.