Merging Realities

Schedule and activities

lege regel

9.00am START

  • introduction
  • setting up your Unity/Vuforia AR project
  • compiling your app for iPhone/Android

10.30-11.00am MORNING BREAK:
AR loves light but hates reflections. Does your app still work in the gardens?

  • designing/printing your own image-based marker
  • interaction #1: using GUI controls to influence appearance and behavior of virtual models (e.g. change colour, animate etc.)

12.30-1.30pm LUNCH BREAK & speed date discussion

  • interaction #2: using markers to influence appearance and behavior of virtual models (e.g. proximity of markers, orientation of markers)
  • design and program a multi-marker app (in pairs)

3.00-3.30pm AFTERNOON BREAK: you reckon you have time for a break..!?

  • [cont.]
  • Teams present their demos in the gardens
5.30pm END

One hour walk-in session during conference

Questions? Great ideas to expand your demo? A frustrating bug torpedoed your great presentation? Maybe we can help to put you on track.